I'm late

I'm late for work. If i leave now i'm going to be 5 minutes late. But i'm writing a blog about lateness. Who gives a fuck if i'm late. Ive been doing 72 hour weeks for the last 2 weeks. I haven't had time to write a blog today. I'll write one in my lunch hour if something inspires me. I've become a paper chaser. My eyes are on the prize. I'm going to make it rain on new years eve. It's funny how i seem to leave everything to the last minute. I haven't done my christmas shopping yet. Come december i get my ass in gear and motivate myself to work hard. It's the only month of the year i actually feel motivated. Also, i've taken up smoking marijuana after work. It's my new hobby. It really helps pass the time until i go back to work. Dear god let something inspire me to write a decent blog. I feel like i'm losing my touch. Now i am going to be seriously late. Bye bye

Uploaded 12/15/2011
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