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Things that girls say...

Have you ever had that moment when someone says something dramatic and you automatically know what they are going to be when they grow up?

Anyway, I was at a friends house, everyone was smoking and drinking. This 16 year old girl showed up and from the start, she was annoying.... but cute. She would believe ANYTHING you told her. For example, I told her my father was black... I am the whitest kid you know, nothing gets whiter than Scandinavians! She completely believed me and asked me how I could be SO white. I informed her of the black/white twins ( and I was also one of those 1 in million chance deliveries and that I had a black sibling, (not true). To this day, she still believes me. -__- 

She is getting higher and drunker, and more stupid.. when randomly she "NEEDS"  cigarette. Everyone is older than her, saying "give us some money and will go get you a pack", (we all had our own pack, we just don't like bumming our cigarettes out... you kinda need to give to get, lmao wait for it!!!). For about 10 minutes this girl will not stop begging for a cigarette, she really NEEDS one and blah blah blah... she was annoying from the start and this was not helping her issue. Finally, she says the most classic thing she can, around a bunch of guys too....


We all stop ignoring her, look at her, astonished that she would declare that in a room full of dicks, at that moment i knew what she would be when she grew up, a hooker!

I ran up to her, holding TWO cigarettes and asked her "what does this get me? :)"
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