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What's The Deal With The Reposts?

I don't mean 10 people posting the same clip in hopes of getting it featured after watching it on College Humor. The question is: what is this shit?

This is today's featured clip entitled Epic Fight Comeback, uploaded by WHODINI13 2 days ago, featured a few hours ago.

Here is the same clip from Dopeboini99a posted and featured 12 weeks ago

A few weeks ago there was a gallery called Literary... that was already featured a year before under the title Pictures Taken Literally, which can be found in the related media to the newer one, with the same miniature.

2 days ago you featured Kid Has Impressive Bow Staff Skills (it's a "bo" staff, dumbass), a clip that's one of the first videos ever uploaded to the internet. Seriously? I have a great clip called The Star Wars Kid. Ever heard of it? How about The Sneezing Panda?

Get a grip, Ebaums.

Sincerely, your viewers.
Polish_Pigeon Uploaded 12/28/2011
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