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fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you're not cool either, and fuck y

Damn, ok I know I'm an asshole too but there are so many fucking negative cocksucking bitches on this site...."you're ugly" "rabbit face" "whore"...ok first of all, im sure most of you fuckers commenting are hideously fucking ugly. so ugly none of you idiots even have pictures of yourselves on your profile...dont what the world to see what you already know i guess. and, why dont you try coming up with some better insults, cunts. also, whore is an outlandish insult given the fact that you dont know me, or my sex life, and i DONT have nude pics on here, i have plenty of amazing nudes, but there is no point in showing a bunch of fucking asshole creeps only to be insulted afterward. Fuck You rude people. I hope you all choke on a dick. Thanks :)
cassandrodizzle Uploaded 12/28/2011
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