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Is Kelly Clarkson a Troll?

I'm not one to follow the lives and opinions of celebrities around, they have a right to them, but it is of no concern to me, unless others are trying to prohibit those rights.  The  latest  "Big to do" about nothing is Kelly Clarkson's support of Ron Paul.  Main stream media is actually crucifying her for her, "Opinion"?  They are  printing and talking about lame  tweets from people like,  "kat_george, who tweeted:

Ew just found out Kelly Clarkson luvs Ron Paul lyk, 4eva and stuff. Soz Kelly, not your fan anymore"....


So now the world is in a tizzy because a singer has an, "Opinion"? This has got to be the greatest troll, intentionally or unintentionally ever executed.  

And it's not just shit infested Fox Network, it's all the major chains. WTF is wrong with those supposed reporters? Is there no real issues going on in the world today. Has God's hand laid to rest all the ills of the world, is the US government  now 100% altruistic? The only thing news worthy about Kelly Clarkson's political opinion, is that the news reports it! 

Hey!  News Media! I have a message for you!

HERE"S A STORY FOR YOU AIR HEADS! Why Not Spread This Story Around? Because it's Real, Because It made a Difference in Someones Life?  Are those ideas so out of the Main Stream in ain't worth ink?

This Just in
LOL!! Kelly's sales are peaking because of the story!
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