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Happy New Years

So 2011 is about done.  In New Zealand it already is...fuck those future people over there.  It doesn't really count until the western hemisphere hits's science.  I just wanted to say to everyone have a great new years and if you aren't doing anything crazy that's cool too.  Its an overrated holiday.  But no matter what you are doing tonight, everyone be safe.  Even all the assholes on this be safe too. An ebaums toast......Here's to stupid comments, dick jokes, and nudes in my inbox, and a drink to our friends, in hopes that wherever they are...they are drinking to us.

And I will leave you all with a great real toast to impress all your friends....

Drink and be merry, for our time on earth is short, and death lasts forever.

Happy New Years Ebaumsworld!!!!

liquidlou Uploaded 12/31/2011
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