WTF EBAUMS!?!?!? WHERE MY FUCKING BONES AT!?!?!? a direct attack

i would like to start this off with this. I AM FUCKING CHARLIE BRONSON. YOU FUCKING CUNTS. (obscure movie reference) anyway, now i'd like to vent about how less than 10 minutes ago i signed online and found my ebones are now missing.
i've been swindalled, bamboozled, jived, took, run-around, given the shaft... the worthless plethora of suitable vindictive metaphors runs on forever, but my point is this, WTF EBAUMS.
-you didn't warn me about losing bones.-you didn't give me a reason WHY i lost bones.-you didn't even let me know who judged whatever fictitious fucking act you think was deserving of me losing my bones.-you didn't even give me the decency of message telling me that i could look forward to a future lack of bones.
 i hope whatever gutless, spineless, incorrigibly shysty piece of shit is responsible for my loss gets to read this, and i hope he/she knows that they are a worm of a human for exercising judgement on my actions, on a site that PRIDES itself for its unbiased, and uncut viewpoints of the world. fuck you you piece of shit. fuck you because of your smug smile on your face, hiding behind a laptop in some fucking podunk rundown ass apartment, trying to see what it feels like to grip power. i pity you, i pity your parents for having to look at you as their child, i pity your children, god save they exist, for having you be the parent to walk it through its first steps in life. to be seen with you in school, and when their friends come over for birthdays. knowing that even a 12 year old could exact your personality in a sum of about 30 words without repeating them, which is still better than your pitiful ATTEMPT at being a contributing part of society. damn you, you fuck.
even though i have left a deeply fulfilling and anger strewn first bit of letter for you, i'd like to further my point by saying that in a way, i feel you have robbed me. i feel disrespected, i feel cut-down and back-stabbed. after all of the material i have submitted for featuring, all of the DOPE ASS FUCKING APE SHIT COOL STUFF that i have to offer, you take away the only remnants of my success. as far as i'm concerned, bones are worth money, albeit loosely related, they can be equated. and by taking them from me, you have taken money from me, and from a CREATOR of content, to a REVIEWER AND PUSHER of content. its pretty shitty when you use their material and then take away their only form of "payment" several months later for a completely UNRELATED event, if a SAID event EVER EVEN OCCURED.
i'm gonna wrap this up by saying FUCK EBAUMSWORLD. your content is garbage, save the few gems i have submitted, and from now on whenever i visit it will only be to discourage and try to prevent any further viewings of this wretched site. i will without restriction degrade ANY person i come in contact with and as far as you should be concerned, am a threat to your society. FUCK YOU ALL. FUCK YOU HARD. FUCK YOU WITH AN AIDS DICK.
i look forward to putting you all on blast, and if you would be so kind, dare i say... COURAGEOUS, please message me with some type of response so i can be sure to personally thank you on a more personal level. i hope you delete my fucking profile. i wish i could delete yours. if i could... i would. you FUCKING CUNTS.

Uploaded 01/02/2012
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