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Rudeness and lack of civilized behavior from a mod

yo I know this site is full of trolls and immature people who like to throw racial epitets and insult others like they are some internet bullies but I know deep inside they are anonymus losers behind a keyboard, what surprised me is the mods who act the same - this isn't right dont you think?
I posted a comment on a gallery a long time ago saying that most of the gifs there are old and were already posted and yesterday I resieved a notification about a reply to my comment from nyyank257 who is one of the staff members from what I know saying "kindly fuck off"
I dont know what rules apply to people working in your company but in any civilized country and affice there shood be intelligent people who behave like adults or at least act like they arent 12 year old snotnosed brats
learn some manners and act liek your age
cutedude Uploaded 01/02/2012
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