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Neko Punch


 There has been a lot of talk in this section about the dreaded Neko Punch.  The Neko Punch is much feared and desperately avoided by any sane and rational human being.  I will Now explain how you can get your own Neko Punch and you will also see why it is best to avoid it when it is directed toward you.  First you will need to eat large amounts of oriental foods that are spiced as hot as you can stand it.  Then buy a keg of the cheapest beer you can find and drink as much of this as your stomach will hold.   After a few hours you will need to get a large glass bowl.  Then when the urge hits you, take a massive dump in the bowl.  You may need to add some water but you will now have a Neko Punch.  Your Neko Punch will work quite well as a means to drive off your enemies.  But use it wisely as with great power comes great responsibility.


Your welcome.

laptopia Uploaded 01/02/2012
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