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If every religion's a lie,
And every religion's the same.
Shouldn't there be a grain of truth
In the ideas they all share?
And would a selfish answer to the question of
"What is this all about?".
Be you?


Make your heart beat.
Make your hair grow.
Make your brain sleep.
Make your blood flow.
Isn't weird to exist as a body that lives on its own?

Trust yourself.
You know you're doing.


To be alive, you must first be dead.
To be awake, you must first be asleep.
To know who you are, you must first forget.
To be dead, you must first be alive.
To be asleep, you must first be awake.
To forget, you must first know who you are.

Why do you think the universe is a sphere?


As children, we sat in front of TVs to watch cartoons that supplanted the idea of what we're supposed to do when we're older.
And when we become teenagers, we continue to watch teen-oriented television where we're told what's popular.
Kids are so impressionable, these days.
But as we grow older into adults, when we're conditioned to accept the society constructed for us, we work, go home, and turn on the television to laugh at the ills of our culture so we don't become discontent with them.
It's called Television Programming.

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