that awkward moment when a dude ON A social network sends you and inbox private message or tries to contacted you on chat., meanwhile they have their default pics with their gf., wife., friend w/ benefits., even their engagement., wedding or a happy family pics with their significant other and their kids..

WTF?? are you doing trying to establish a conversation w/ me?
go and talk to the person in your pic or the one you are in a relationship on fb or any other social network with.
AS FOR ME I HAVE NOTHING to talk about with you in private., anything you will like to say about my post., funny pics you can perfectly use the comment section under them..
on my side I DO NOT CHAT OR TALK WITH people who are in a relationship .. unless they are my true friends and most of the time their girl will know about it ;-) ..

I usually just inbox or chat with the person i am in a relationship at the moment., or will like to be in a relationship in the future., or with happy SINGLE people who love to tell jokes or wish me to have a great day ;-)

SIMPLE OLD RULE DO NOT DO TO OTHERS WHAT YOU WILL HATE OTHERS DOING TO YOU ;-) will u feel if your significant other was doing the same EXACT THING HUH? 
JUST SAYING.... I dislike very much people trying to be slick ;{
Uploaded 01/04/2012
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