I slammed ten bitches on New Year's Eve!

On New Year's Eve, I slammed ten freakin' bitches - lemme tell ya'll something good, I was chilling at my home boy's place when these steaming fine bitches came rolling in, looking for directions to some dope ass motherfuckin' party near my home boy's house or some shit like that, know what I'm saying? 

It turns out, we gave them the wrong directions and they ended up in my home boy's SEX SHACK, believe it or not! We tied them up, against their will, and had a throw down right there and then. I slammed these two fine Latina bitches, screaming their "AY PAPI" and all of that shit, know what I'm saying, while my home boy rode some heavy set black Charles Barkley lookin' woman whose vagina sank to the ground like Titanic on crack! These bitches didn't know what was coming until I saw one of my other home boys coming around the corner, yelling that the cops were comin' and shit. We slammed, came, and ran to my home boy's safe house, where we chilled playin' some Oregon Trail and downing some tonic water (100% proof, I ain't lyin'). 

Yeah, great New Year's Eve - I slammed some fine bitches while most of you cyber virgins cuddled with your stupid faggot looking virgin shit - yeah, back off. I run this lot, motherfuckers. 

Uploaded 01/06/2012
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