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The Inanimate

44 Where do I begin?  Here- there>everywhere, erehwyna. The paradoxical universe. Can't not escape self ever. Amnesia 9000 I AM OBABO tour overlord. Last time I was here was never. New today and drifting in to new. Will will power willingly tempt me in to endless yearning? All for one and one for all. Connected yet separate as individuals. The sum of all things, absolute nothing and everything. Coincidence we co-exist in the matrix of the unknown and the possible. I am a master of puppets as my own sovereign being. The alpha and the omega. The Ouroboros. They tell me "cool story bro". Boy do I ever have a tale to tell. Swallow myself whole not can't complete. The universe recycles itself. Space, time, matter and consciousness. Hierarchical  masquerade. Switch. Cosmic musical chairs. Switch.  The enigma of soul interconnected with others. 

Q: What's your favorite thing about being one of a kind?Q: What's your favorite number?Q: Is this the song the never ends?
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InanimateCookie Uploaded 01/07/2012
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