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Fuck You Tim Tebow

 For starters, fuck you Tebow.

 Crown Royal is great and you're a faggot.

 After you and the faggot Broncos get pummeled next weekend you'll still be a fucking fag and Crown Royal will will still rule.

 Fuck you Tebow.

 You fucked up the point spread and cost me $50 before overtime and your gay 80 yard hail mary pass even happened. I fucking hate you..

 Fuck you Tebow.

 Florida State will rise again and you and all of your dick smoking faggots  in GAYnsville, or Gainsville, or wherever you used to suck cock before Denver can fuck off.

 Again, fuck you Tebow;.

 My local liquor store has Crown Royal on sale for $38.99 per 1.75 liter, what you got Tebow?

 Nothing. Fuck you Tebow.

 This one time at band camp, fuck you Tebow.

 Knock knock

 Who's there?


 Fuck who?

 Fuck you Tebow.

  The morale of this story is that Tim Tebow is a total faggot. If you're a Tebow fan or supporter, you are also a faggot, probably, unless you're not.

 Fuck you Tebow.

 Crown Royal is going down pretty fucking rough right now. Though I would imagine that they're not going down as rough as fat cocks down Tebow's throat.

 I hate you so very much.




VdubTurtle Uploaded 01/11/2012
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