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Larry Duck of Deleterious Luck

A scraggly chump, six-foot-two,
Sat on a stump with little to do.
So he thought it'd be fun to stare in the sky,
Straight into the sun 'til his eyeballs went dry.
He sat there from nine 'til one and a half
When he felt something dine on the side of his calf.
Alarmed, he looked down, and flipped his cold frown.
Because just was his luck, he had met a cute duck.
"I'll take you with me!" He shouted with glee,
Scooping the bird to join him for tea.
He skipped back to town, duck in his hands,
But was greeted by frowns and black, leather bands.
He knew he'd return to the place that he fled,
So he ran for hills, since he'd rather be dead.
Alas, he never got far, as he took a few a steps and was struck by a car.
The crowd gathered round to gawk at his body,
Now bloody and bruised, and viciously shoddy.
Then the duck flew away, and such was the start of this strange, gloomy day.
Meet Charlie Dupree, father of three,
Working in a factory so his kids can be free.
He toils in sweat in search of a raise
To work off a debt for the rest of his days.
But as he tightened the bolts on a faulty machine,
An echoing quack disrupted the scene.
He slipped off the ledge and into his grave,
Leaving his children behind to be sold off as slaves.
A lonely, bitter widow wallows in her attic
Glaring at city because her thoughts have turned erratic.
She doesn't want to deal with what infests inside,
So she considers drinking coffee with a spoon of cyanide.
The skyline looms in the shady cityscape,
And from it flies a bird seeming to escape.
Envying this feat, she jumped up from her seat
And leaped from her window to become a stain on the street.
Little Tommy Wilkins disobeyed his mother
And went out outside to play with Bobby Robbin's brother.
They journeyed to the tracks where they knew they were forbidden
And Andy promptly boasted "There's not a train I haven't ridden."
So they waited round the corner for a train to come their way,
But Little Tommy's taken by a duck that wants to play.
Several moments later, Little Tommy's cold
Knocked dead by a train at six years old.
Now everybody wonders if they really had to die,
So they look to the duck and sadly ask "Why?"
The duck turned his head, looked them in the eyes
Then calmy said,


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