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Credit Card Shovels

Hey there, pal, and how are you?
Don't mean to burst your bubble,
But the housing market crashed,
And everything's in trouble

Stocks have taken a beating,
And the Dow began to tumble,
Seems the economy,
Has an ominous rumble

We dug ourselves in deep,
Clear up to our chins,
Using credit cards as shovels,
And buying shit on a whim

But all those things add up,
and we don't have any more spades,
Can someone lend a trowel?
To get by, til I get paid?

Credit ratings plummet,
deep into the dirt,
It seems the chasm we occupy,
Is now our grave, for sure

But you can't dig sideways,
out of a mess
Would you look at our grave,
It's started to recess

and we take this recession
with us to our kids
We give them this debt,
they don't know what it is

Our children inherit,
A hole from before,
A generation past,
who knows what's in store?

artman4444 Uploaded 01/13/2012
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