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So I've been watching america: the story of us. I love history, more so ancient human civilization then american, but oh well. That show is fucking awesome. It's like that movie with mel gibson, but without mel gibson, i.e. even better. I don't like how they say "and this changed the tide of war" like 50 fucking times. Watch it so you know what I mean. Interestingly my attitude changed about two people, paul revere is more badass then I originally thought, daniel boone less so. Mother fucker just wanted money for trapping. Not the 'i just love adventure' guy I thought he was. So def check out that show people. If you don't have netflix, pirate bay that shit.

Q: why do black people always cry during sex?
A: pepper spray.

goodbye and goodnight

- Frogbob
king of the blog section
also put the 'king' in fucking
Frogbob Uploaded 01/16/2012
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