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Why tomlet's ex wife such a whore

   Damnit tomlet y is yor x wigfe such a whore man, u need to get your shit together and slap that bitch, tell the judge fuck you you hammer wielding orangutang i will wryte blawgs about wut i want. Tomlet yor x wife is the biggest whore to ever whore in whore central, she is a dumb bitch and now she is stopping you from ryting ur blawgs? WHen will it end man, u need to show that whore who is boss and kick hur right in her fuckin ovaries and tell her the childrenz iz yours. Show her you r the dominant one and you are not afraid of no judge. we all know very well tomlet was married to a succubus, she charmed him with her fat vagina and saggy prune shape tatz
volcomisnewshit Uploaded 01/16/2012
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