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SOPA: Stop Other Pain Act!

In the title of this my new post there's the real meaning of acronym S.O.P.A. It's a prank, dudes!

Seriously: I'm agree with Keld0n he has likened Obama to Hitler in his latest post. But not only O-hole looks like the Nazi German Fuhrer; he seems he holds in himself all the souls of the worst oppressors of the History.

The best definition of SOPA act I've read in Urban Dictionary, IMHO. I quote it in full:
The shittiest piece of legislation the U.S. government ever came up with.

I hope to not upset anyone, but I don't believe both Americans and Internet could be insult by one of the most arrogant presidents in the USA history.
zitroen37 Uploaded 01/19/2012
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