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Reh Dogg New 2012 video will go Viral beyond


"Why must I cry" a thing of the past

Reh Dogg is at it again. The rapper whose break out video "Why Must I cry" catapulted him to internet fame has another video that will shock and amuse viewers. Check it out. One of the few true and original rappers out there. His new video Why yall do me that is truly shocking yet very creative and entertaining. Where does this guy come up with this stuff? Either way be prepared to watch a funny shocking video thats sure to go viral. Banned from the so call family friendly Youtube. I guess Youtube prefers Reh Dogg in the shower rather than a chained black leather thong.

As you take a look at this video you can tell that much more time went in to creating the graphics. Green screen technology plays a big role in this video. He still captures the outdoor nature theme in this video. He seems to make the theme a male exotic dancer. He could very well be one the way he moved his body and the dances he performed. You be the judge of it and be prepared to LOL all day long.


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Why yall do me that-Google Music Exclusive - watch more funny videos

rehdogg Uploaded 01/21/2012
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