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It's all over, My plan of stopping sopa worked. After an endless array of vaginas they were still there, So I put on my sunglasses and said " Shit just got real ". I broke down doors and stared that bastard lamar right in the face, FBI agents opened fire on me, all I did was hold my breath and flex my chest and bullets deflected off of my diamond hard pectorials each bullet returning to the one who fired it. Lamar fell to the floor crying like a scrawny little bitch, when I grabbed him by his neck brought him to the stalls and gave him the mother of all swirlies. After that he begged for mercy more and more, I was annoyed by his whining and thin girly arms so I leaped 1000 feet in the air carrying him with me and landed on the washington monument. I performed and almost unspeakable act, I had only done once before, I called it THE ULTIMATE BUNGEE WEDGIE 5000, people gathered and watched in awe as I hooked the back of lamar's underwear to the top of the monument and let him go as he went down his face was dipped in the reflecting waters and than the elastic in his undies skyrocketed him hundreds of feet in the air. The severity of the wedgie was so awful that that he was forced to walk in a wheel chair for the rest of his life because it literally gave him the steepest asscrack ever. he promised to pull the bill as long as I give him 3 autographed pictures of me shirtless that he could masturbate to, the deed was done.
volcomisnewshit Uploaded 01/22/2012
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