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Foil Hats and Ray Guns

Our universe is not only one that is unimaginably large, but equally old as well.
To put it in numerical form, it is theorized to be around 12-14,000,000,000 years old.
Earth is said to be 4,500,000,000 years old, about a 1/3 of the age of the universe.
Homo sapiens have only existed for about 400,000 years,  about 1/11250 of the age of Earth
We've only had agriculture for about 50,000, an eighth of our existence.
We've only had civilization for about 10,000, 1/1400000 of the age of the universe.
The rate in which we advance also increases rapidly.
It took us 350,000 years to figure out how to plant seeds.
It took us 68 from us discovering flight to go to the moon.
So, if we could climb this high within the time-frame of a few millenia, you'd have to imagine the kind of advancements a civilization that has been around for hundreds of millenia has.
We have technology that, if refined, could alter gravitational course of an asteroid.
They probably have that, too, and so much more than that.
They can most likely live for eternity, as we've just discovered what stems cells can do.
It wouldn't be improbable to say they couldn't travel anywhere in the universe, as we've only been able to leave the surface of Earth in the past 60 years.
1/233333333 of the age of the universe.
They could be so advanced that they control everything that happens to us, kind of like taking away excess variables in a science experiment.
And, if they are, they are obviously intelligent enough to keep us guessing instead of being certain.
Hell, in a quantum universe where everything is possible, couldn't this happen as well?
I mean, isn't it strange that human life has been largely protected by any of the numerous dangers our universe has in store?
What makes Earth so special?
Why is every other planet in our solar system riddled with craters, whereas Earth only has a select few, of which happened before we even existed? 
Why is it that we discover ways to destroy the world, but not use them?
Why do we become aware of how we harm the planet just a few generations before it's irreparable?
Why do we have one moon that perfectly eclipses the sun?

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