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The Self-Amplifying Loop

The atom, the smallest component of our physical make-up, (that we can see) is held together by a strong nuclear force . These atoms create molecules which, in turn, create cells, then tissues, organs, organ systems, and finally, organisms. We are all familiar with these definitions, and how atoms are composed of protons, neutrons, and orbiting electors, so there is no need to go into any further detail about them.
However, when we look at the sky above, we see that star systems are held together by a central star, which is significantly larger than the surrounding planets. These planets orbit the star in a manner similar to how electrons orbit an atomic nucleus, and are held together by gravity. On a larger scale, these star systems create a kind of celestial tissue, which we know as galaxies. Galaxies eventually create superclusters, which looks something like this:


Wait, my bad... that's a neuron. Our universe looks something more along the lines of this.


What our universe does is repeat itself in similar, not identical, ways, it exhibits fractal geometry. We can see so in trees, which sprout from a seed, grow, branch off, then leave to become something similar.
So, if the universe appears to be a neuron, then that would make reality a mind, and us a figment of the imagination.

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