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The Illusory Void

      Imagine if all of existence were a big, seamless blob of grey. Not only would that seem boring, but you also couldn't do that, as you are a separate entity perceiving it, and therefore different from the grey. Reality reveals itself through contrast, but is ultimately unified since you can not have one aspect of it without the other. We know light because we know dark, we know the outside because we know the inside, and you can only read the text on your screen because there is a background contrasting it. That unity is called "Tao," or the fundamental nature of reality which underlies our observable universe.
      Yet, you have to ask, why isn't just a big, seamless blob of grey? What's the necessity of this almost arbitrary appearance of division? Well, there really isn't one. How could there be? What if the universe did have a singular, objective reason to its being? If it did, then it would operate so, and we'd be more mechanical and rigid, instead of organic and wavy. So, because of this inherent lack of meaning in existence, then it is allowed to do whatever it wants, in every way conceivable.
     If it is here for no reason, then what kind of parallel can we draw from this in human affairs? What is one thing we do solely for the sake of doing it? It can be had it many different ways, and be experienced by all people. It is what we want to do when we say "there is nothing to do."  We have fun.
    In the same way, existence had nothing to do, since it is nothing, so it did something, which happened to be everything. So, because nothing creates existence, existence can be said to be a manifestation of nothing, as you need both. Our universe is nothing existing as the illusion of something.

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