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One Note Band


What does it mean,
to be a one-note band
The same old stuff,
Eventually gets bland

No evolution, or room to grow
Never sped up, and never slowed

Just the redundant art
Without any heart
Anger and pain
are only a part
there are other emotions
and its time that I start

I dont want to be, a one note band
More than just tragedy, can flow from my hand

Getting outta the dark,
and into the light
back from the rim,
the edge of night

The pain can fade
and fall away
and joy can emerge
from what remains

Too much time
devoted to fears
not enough towards love,
and things beyond tears

Im lightening up,
Im mellowing out
come watch my new work,
to see what its about


artman4444 Uploaded 01/31/2012
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