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Religious Accuracy

Nowadays, religions have experienced more criticism than ever before. With the advent of the scientific method, modern-day humans have looked back at the literal translation of religious texts as illogical manuscripts written by liars, or simply people who had no idea what they were talking about. But there is a certain degree of consistency within all religions, which seems to imply some type of pattern.
For example, Native Americans believed us to come from Father Sky and Mother Earth.
The Ancient Greeks saw everything as the creation of Uranus and Gaia, Sky and Earth.
In the Bible, God first made the heavens and the Earth.
This is accurate, as the void of space ultimately shaped the form of Earth.
Religious texts are by all means metaphorical, as those who wrote them did not have the scientific tools and definitions we take for granted today.
Now I'm going to hop on the side of Christianity for the moment, as that is the religion under most scrutiny.
How could God be everywhere at once, seeing what we all do, and subsequently weave a design for all of existence? Because he's all of us. God made man in his image because when you look through his eyes, you're looking at yourself. That is why atoms look like solar systems, and our universe looks like a neuron.
So, if God is reality, then what is Heaven, Satan, and Hell?
God's celestial manifestation for human perception is that of the Sun, the light-giver.
Satan's is the moon, of equal size in relative position to Earth, which will occasionally eclipse the sun and bathe the world in a red darkness. The Moon does not shine, it only reflects light.
On the level of human consciousness, this has a parallel. God is the ultimate reality, and Satan is characterized as the deceiver. In the Hindu tradition, God is known as the Brahman, where Satan would be the "false-self", of which exists in the state of Maya, or illusion.
Taking that into account, Satan can be seen as an individual's ego, or idea of our self.
If I were to ask you "Who are you?" You would give me your name. You're not your name. You have a name. Individual identity is defined by everything else but it, and sees itself as separate.
That is the domain of Hell, or separation from God, where Heaven is unity.
The best example I can give of this is heartbreak, of which I'm sure we've all been through. However it happened to you, the result was probably similar. You're depressed, hopeless, and an overall downer who sort of keeps themselves in that realm by their ego's doing. In there, it can seem like... well, an eternity. You're in Hell, and the one in charge of your torment is Satan, no one else. Satan is the deceiver because he wants to make you believe in him, follow his whims, which are the vices of our hearts, which lead us astray, and ultimately descend us into Hell. He doesn't really exist, he's an illusion.

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