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Hey man, just so you know, all kidding aside. You're a pathetic bitch. I hope for your sake that your medicated ass is never banned from this blog because you obviously have no life beyond what you project here. Everyone else around here knows when to draw the line, except for you because you're a fucking social retard. People like you are the reason the blog died. No sense of community, so sense of humility, just play everything like a joke and treat everyone like they don't matter, like their needs are worthless because it's just the Internet, right? Just because people are talking to each other and having a good time FUCK THEM if they suddenly need a little support from a group they feel even a slight kinship to.

Just keep going through life like this buddy. See how many people are standing next to your deathbed. Or is it too late? Are you alone, right now? You sure do seem to have a lot of time to devote to irritating the FUCK out of good members here. Is it because you choose to, or is it because nobody who actually knows you wants anything to do with you?

You could have just ignored making this thread and not posted here. You could have said "I am a dick to myself, I don't care about my fucking dad." and move on. Instead, you chose the SOCIOPATHIC approach to purposefully antagonize somebody who clearly wasn't in a joking mood.

You're a sick fuck. I realize you'll laugh this off, but I just wanted you to know that in real life, there is at least one person who actually thinks that you are a horrible human being, and will remember that fact when they can be bothered to remember you at all.
andrewryan69 Uploaded 02/01/2012
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