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PC Newspeak

We exist in a culture that conditions us in numerous, subtle methods. What attempts to control our minds, and by extension us, are three heads of the same power-hungry beast. Government, Media, Corporations. Exactly how they do this can be broken down into few, simple methods.

1. To keep control, you must perpetuate the illusion of dependency.

Whenever someone says "I believe there should be no government." it is meet with harsh criticism, as the idea associated with anarchy isn't a lack of government, but chaos. They'll say "You want anarchy? Go to Somalia." to instill a fear in you that there's is no way you can live without it, even though humans are the only animals to live with it. Humans have endowed in their mind a natural-born sense of right and wrong. Criminals are not born, they are created by society. Creatures of the same species rarely harm one another. Even with they do, what separates us from them is there mere realization of that, which allows us to change. If you live in a small society with everyone looking out for each other because they realize that what is beneficial to you is ultimately beneficial to them, would you need a government to enforce that? No, you would not. But that kind of mentality would effectively pull the rug out from our competitive mindset, which is what our current stage of civilization is based on, so it should be somewhat discouraged, as that's communism. Communism = bad is the thought ingrained in the West. "Communism has shown not to work, just look at the Soviet Union." Which is true, but that doesn't show how communism is bad. That shows how a totalitarian dictatorship under the guise of communism and in a proxy war with another superpower is bad. Democracy and communism can coexist within the same nation, they are a political and economic system respectfully. Yet that is not what we are taught to believe, since it has only been two short decades since the end of the Cold War.

2. To perpetuate the illusion of dependency, you must control how the population perceives its benefactors.

And thus is the role of the media. Our media has a goody-bag full of clever labels to keep us sedated in the American Dream Machine. They keep us polarized, divided, and unable to cultivate a cohesive sense of community, unless someone else attacks us! These are some of the examples I've noticed of these Orwellian definitions.
Illegal Immigrants: "They aren't refugees fleeing from a corruption ravaged country, they are illegal immigrants. They are criminals." or "They aren't illegal immigrants, they're undocumented workers!"
The Soviet Union: "They aren't our political enemy, they're our economic rival!"
China: "They aren't our economic rival, they're our economic partner!" - This one I find particularly hilarious, as we were more than happy to call the USSR our rival since we didn't owe them 1.2 trillion dollars.
The "Great Recession": Because normal depression would just sound too depressing.
Troops in Afghanistan in Iraq: "We pulled out, the troops still there are just for 'support.'"
Lobbying: "It's not corruption!"

3. To control how the population perceives its benefactors, you must supply means for their conditioning.

Isn't it awfully nice to live in a world where we have TV's to keep us alone in our house laughing, while they're paid for by ads, which are there solely to try and sell us things we don't really need? Isn't awfully nice that these ads use subliminal messages to convince you that you do? Why, that almost seems like brainwash. This kind of pollution stains our consciousness, and manifests through our speak which goes freely unnoticed. Here's a few things we say, but know what we really mean.
"What do you do for a living?"----"What's your job?"
"That's not how the real world works."----"That's not how society operates at this moment."
"You need to be realistic."----"You need to be more complacent."
"How will you be successful?"---"How will you make more money?"
See, if you were to live off the land with no source of monetary income and live like we used to, do you know what you'd be classified? As living in poverty. And, as we all think, poverty is bad!

4. To supply the means for their conditioning, you must first take control.

"But... but, how will I get water?"
It's all around you, it even falls from the sky on occasion.
"How will I eat?"
Well, if you didn't replace all the vegetation with big, fancy buildings in streets, you'd probably see a shit load of food everywhere.
"How will I find shelter?"
You know how to make tools, build yourself a hut.
"What if a natural disaster destroys it?"
Don't it build there. It's a hut, it probably won't kill you, anyway.
"How will I have fun?"
Use your imagination, it's what it's there for. 

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