Super Bowl XLVI Prediction

Here's my scientifically calculated prediction of this Sunday's game:

1st Quarter-Both teams start off slow. Defenses are on top of their games. Offenses are starting off rusty. Maybe a field goal or two here.

2nd Quarter- Game picks up momentum. Giants defense is causing Brady to make a couple mistakes. First touchdown by the Giants,  by Ballard or Bradshaw. Patriots will settle for another field goal before half time.

Half time show: Madonna's saggy pussy lips slip out of her leather bikini.

3rd Quarter- Brady finds a way around Giants defense. Touchdown Gronkowski or Hernandez. Giants offense respond with Hakeem Nicks. Pats are on a roll with touchdowns.

4th Quarter- Giants score twice with Cruz, thanks also to a Patriot  turnover. There's 6 minutes left, the score is Giants 31-23 Patriots. Patriots score a touchdown with Wes Welker, score the 2 point conversion with Gronkowski. It's 31-31. There's just over 2 minutes left, Giants are trying to get in field goal range, but instead Manningham scores the winning touchdown for the Giants, 38-31. Patriots choke in their last drive with only seconds left and there's a turnover that seals the game.

Giants 38-31 Patriots

Uploaded 02/03/2012
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