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The Game

We start when we're born, and the goal we're told to run towards is success.
While we're children, we go through the tutorial stage.
We're given the basics of do and don't  and then sent off to school for further training.
We pass on from Kindergarten to Level 1, to Level 2, to Level 3, and eventually to Level 12, where we gain our certificate of completion and then go off to college so we can be become a true player.
In college, we can do whatever we want so long the core objective is to play the game and score points for our side.
We don't want to lose because there are serious consequences for doing so, like poverty.
We don't want to break the rules because we'll be penalized by the penal system, and sit in the penalty box for a few years.
We don't want to stop playing because we consider it our lives.
Those who win are on the top.
Those who lose are on the bottom.
You can choose to be a referee, but you still need to make points, and those other winners sure do have a lot of them.
So work together and everybody wins!
Everybody wants to be the best.
Every side wants to be on top.
We follow the winners because we think they know best.
They wouldn't be winners if they didn't in the first place, right?
Cheating is frowned upon, but the winners get light penalties for breaking the rules.

So, when you look at money, look at if for what it really is: a symbol. A meaningless rectangle until you give meaning to it.

After all, how would we know who's winning if we didn't have a scoreboard?

It's a game, and we all just lost.


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