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Two Sides of the Same Coin

          What grows must wither. What is born must die. What starts must end. Nothing is eternal.

       Government is a cancer, and ours has become malignant. It self-replicates uncontrollably, corrupts other cells, and is deadly to society. For every civilization raised by its government fell by its government. We always say "government is a necessary evil." Or when we vote for a president, we vote for the "lesser of two evils." That doesn't mean who we vote for and what lingers is any less evil, it just seems that way because of comparison, and they know this.
      To keep its citizenry under its thumb, the government couldn't just appear as one party; that would be too obvious. No, what they must do to keep the population under the illusion of free-choice, polarized, and manipulable, is to appear as two. That way it's never the fault of the government, it's either the fault of  Democrats or Republicans. Didn't like the eight years of Bush? Okay, here's Obama so you don't get too riled up. You want change, right? Wait, everything's still bad? Huh, almost like it doesn't matter who's the head of state because he's just another face to blame.
      We don't vote for other parties because that's "throwing your vote away." Even then, less than half of our population even cares enough to vote, rendering the silent majority as named because of its apathy. The only candidates for election sold by the media are Democrats or Republicans, with third-parties lightly mentioned. Even their very names are hints they're the same thing. "Democrat?" "Republican?" Don't we live in a Democratic Republic?
     Republicans gave corporations autonomy.
     Democrats increased government regulation of them.
     Republicans work towards keeping the "job-creators" wealthy.
     Democrats work towards increasing funds for the government.
     Republicans want you to depend on the market.
     Democrats want you to depend on the state.
     Republicans want you to hate Democrats.
     Democrats want you to hate Republicans.
     Neither of them want you to hate the government.
     Yet the government is doing all of this.


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