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The Last Empire

Every nation that has ever existed has followed the same pattern.
They were born, they grew, they changed, or they died.
We live in the world's sole remaining superpower, which rose to such a state out of two world wars.
Then, for the latter half of the century, it was spent fighting proxy wars with another superpower, who also rose from the same ashes.
That one collapsed not due to its own incompetency, but because of our doing.
We were simply the stronger one.
The government took power over us out of the fear of communist takeover and nuclear war, and as we all know, power is something not easily discarded.
Money is power is the law of the land in the United States.
Those who have the most money have the most power.
The US is frequently characterized as being the "richest, most powerful nation the world."
The citizens of the Soviet Union had no real clue what their government was doing, as they openly controlled the media.
The citizens of the United States have no real clue what their government is doing, as they secretly control the media.
Information is passed down to the population through national media outlets, which are corporate owned, and those corporations are in business with the government.
We're not free.
Our beloved benefactors have merely perfected the art of deception.
And what good magicians reveal their tricks?
Advertisement uses subtle imagery because they don't want you to notice it.
They make you think that you want something when you don't need it.
Then you get to work to buy them, and they make more money to repeat the process all over again.
Do you want to see how far this system spreads?
Mario Draghi - European Central Bank President
Mario Monti - Prime Minister of Italy
Lucas Papademos - Prime Minister of Greece
Robert Rupin - 70th Treasurer of the United States
Henry Paulson - 74th Treasurer of the United States
Mark Carney - Governor of the Bank of Canada
Do you know what all of these people have in common? If you know them at all?
They're all Ex-Goldman Sachs Employees.
And that's just Goldman Sachs. 
They have the money.
They have the power.
We're losing money.
So we think we're losing power.
"Peacekeeping" squads deploy teargas on riots because they know we're weaker when dispersed.
They know we're stronger than them when together.
While we fight below, the ones outside the ring place bets and set the rules.
The government and corporations are one and the same.
They're the ones who control us.
But they're not perfect.
That's why they can be beaten.


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