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The Official Hand Hanzo Blog, Volume 1

I am currently plotting a few things.  First, the first-ever episode of the Weekly Hanzo will be recorded and uploaded here at 1:00 PM today. (Thursday, February 9th)  Head over to to watch the broadcast live.  Second are my preliminary plans for the True Capitalist Fighter doujin game made in 2D Kakutou Tsukuru 2nd Round.  Below is the list of characters that will be playable in the game:

Ghost - Engineer - Machmoud - Mr. Fortune Cookie - Tyrone - Asho - Goofy Bone - Amy Daly - Celtic Brony - Xarahox - 213 (Ghetto Capitalist) - Gasgara - Nikolai - Hand Hanzo

The Final Boss is Super Hanzo 2, an evolved form of Hand Hanzo.

As Ghost, you will face Celtic Brony as the subboss and Super Hanzo as the final boss.
As anyone else, you will face Ghost as a subboss and Super Hanzo as the final boss.

I'll go ahead and tell you what happens during Ghost's Super and Ultimate moves.

SUPER MOVE 1 (Hambone Ghost)
Initiated by Ghost rushing toward the opponent.  Upon connecting, he pulls two hambones out of his coat pocket while shouting "HAMBOOOOOOONE" and then he proceeds to smack the opponent with the hambones.

SUPER MOVE 2 (Shootin' Pearls)
initiated by a small laser dot projectile.  Upon connecting, Ghost whips out his piece, tells the opponent "I always walk out here in Texas with my strap on" and proceeds to bust caps in the opponent's ass.

Initiated by calling in Herman Cain to drop from the sky like Yang does for the Raishin Mahhaken in Capcom vs. SNK 2.  Upon connecting, Herman crosses the opponent up with a rushing clothesline, he and Ghost then perform a tandem-combo complete with launching uppercut, then they both take a few steps back and cross each other with flying kicks to the airborne opponent.
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