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Save the World, Destroy Civilization

Our world is reaching its breaking point.
America's going under, China's taking over, and the rest are sedated by socialism.
The majority is slowly going broke, wondering what on Earth they're going to do, and put their personal responsibility in the hands of those who use it for their benefit.
Our government said the economy would get better.
It's only gotten worse.
The military budget went down, but we conveniently already "won" in the Middle East.
Here's a small list of exactly where our military is.
Afghanistan - 109,200
Kuwait - 10,548
Japan - 39,222
South Korea - 28,500
Germany - 53,766
Italy - 10,801
United Kingdom - 9,382
Our military is made up of 1,425,113 active-duty personnel.
So, isn't that strange how where many of our troops are located is who we cooperate with or conquered in war?
This is imperialism.
And where does Afghanistan happen to be located?
Oh, right next to China.
Good thing they can't get into the Middle East because we're already there.
What did George W. Bush before he was in politics?
He was on the board of directors for HKN, Inc., an oil company.
What's that?
Our government would rather beat every cent out of you instead of cut their own salaries?
What greedy assholes, right?
Slavery exists in this most basic sense: You work or you die.
Now they can't openly kill everyone who doesn't work, can they?
No, they have to create a system that kills the non-workers for them!
How would they do that?
Give the people something they think they need.
Create money!
Now they need money to live.
The must work to get money.
Ergo, they must work to live.
They don't work, they die!
Now, now, how to condition them?
First, they must go to school, that's how we teach them.
What? Some kids aren't going to school?
That's fine. Now it's illegal not to!
They can always go to state-approved schools.
It's free!
Now we're taught that we need money, so how do we get it?
We get a job to work for money, then we can use that money to buy a car and work some more.
Then we go home and watch that TV we bought because we worked for it and it tells is to buy some more things.
Well, guess we have to work some more.
We'll work every day until we're old, and look at all the money we made along the way.

Look at everyone around you in a crowd, on the street, wherever.
Nobody makes any attempt to converse with one another because this system alienates us from ourselves.
We all just want to make the best out of our painful lives
Ignore the causes of it
And medicate ourselves with stuff.
Money exists so we buy into slavery.


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