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Dear bruised and battered asshole really disgusting sorry


Sweat dripping from my brow,
muscles clinched tight,
teeth grinding,
grunting harder with each push.

Asshole gaping wide,
but never wide enough,
fingers stained with shit,
as i reach behind and begin to dig.

Changing positions i reach for the towel rack,
hoping for sweet relief,
my legs begin to dance,
extreme pain as my asshole tears.

finally sweet relief,
as my asshole, torn and tattered, returns to normal,
toilet water dripping off my ass
.breathing returns to normal 
as i sit back and thank god for removing this burden from my ass,
short my happiness is however,
as i think of future shits to come.

I reach for the toilet paper,
and clean my dirty ass, 
I look and as expected, 
what was once white and pure is now shitty and full of blood
why god does thou curse me, 
with a bruised and battered asshole, 
ripped and torn dripping with blood.
...perhaps i need more fiber
jimmyjames83 Uploaded 02/10/2012
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