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iLL Begotten Progress

Flames lead openly into the darkness covering the surrounding country side.

Red eyes glint close as I walk down the path of no return.

Placid slit open faces tell of the races lost and of the bodies never found.

Around in dilapidated houses beats the unholy metronome.

Blanketing all under the rotting, rancid stench of ill begotten progress

I wonder in and out of my constructed ghost towns in search of past crowns I made for myself out of

happy faded memories.

In dreams I come, into creation my demons emerge.

I invite Angels from on high, but only if they hold the key to my prison in my mind.

To get this gone behind the line of scare crows, will be my goal tomorrow after the next day, starting

with today, already done with and lived.

Till I come round to give my past self some closure.

The pieces will rein in.
BigBlueSnake Uploaded 02/13/2012
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