To My Valentine xxx

to my lovely valentines,

your eyes are like the greenest of emeralds, lips the brightest of rubys, precious and divine.. until you open them of course... i love the tender kisses upon my lips.. of other girls much younger and firmer than you... i love how when we go out people stop and admire your body...though admittedily its because  they think you're a passing blimp... your delicate fingers touch me in a place no other woman my wallet... i love the way you look with love and passion, deep into my eyes.. at the reflection of yourself... i love the sweet little messages you leave on my pillow for when i wake up.. but its spelt die not dye... your kisses always fill me with the strongest of emotions.. disgust and repulsion are strong emotions... may you forever be as deep in my heart as you are deep in your grave.. which of course is shallow as we both very well know... but despite everything... you always will be, the only one...

i gave the STD to...
Uploaded 02/14/2012
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