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The Official Hand Hanzo Blog, Volume 2

Before I am experienced enough with sprite animations and doing something as huge as programming a premier doujin fighter that's well-animated and tournament ready (and I'm talkin' about True Capitalist Fighter!!!), I am creating a few projects as practice that do not require as much effort to begin making, but as the true experience of continuously creating something can vouch for, more and more effort will be put into them and they will be very good games.

I am currently creating a game called Tamagotchi Fighter to learn how to use 2D Kakutou Tsukuru 2nd Round.  The first character is the first adult Tamagotchi I've raised in the Game Boy game, a Tarakotchi.  I'm isolating, ripping and converting the sprites as I go, the data going from VisualBoyAdvance to Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8 to a 256-color bitmap file where it is then posted into the game creation engine and programmed into a functional character.  When I have crafted the basic foundation of the game to where I can test it, I will show a video of the beta Tarakotchi.

Everything is going to be done by me, unless I can get some assistance with music and voiceover work.  Aside from actually programming the game, I will compose music for it, write a storyline and do voiceovers for the announcer and a few of the characters.  Below is the first character that will be placed in the first sprite-ripping experiment Tamagotchi, a Tarakotchi named Paynis.
When I do finally do my first test, I'll try to cap footage of it and put it right here on this site.  Y'know, I'm really digging eBaum's World, I can submit blogs, audio, video and picture galleries all in the same place, my profile is almost it's own website!  With Google's changing privacy policy (which can't be good considering they just got caught spying on Safari and IE users.  Firefox FTW!) I left YouTube and never looked back.  Now on eBaum's World, I'm reaching the same amount of people if not more people, even faster! This site is tailor made for the budding internet success story.  Not only is it a better video service than YouTube, but this site even has porn! You can view and upload porn videos and it'll of course get mass views.  Some porn I've seen on here is even hotter than most of the sites I've otherwise designated for that specific purpose.

Ebaum's World is the definitive one-stop for online entertainment and I am glad to be a member of this awesome site.  I remember back when this all started, when it was just a hub for funny flash videos and prank calls.  Back when that's what the Internet was.  The Internet is so huge now that there is a war between citizens and would-be tyrant overlords over control of it.  This website as it is has become the perfect opportunity playground to create, promote and share media. I love this website.  I, Hand Hanzo, back Ebaum's World with my full support and if I ever become some kind of a big shot around here, it's because I take pride in calling this site my home on the web and represent this site to the fullest.  I will spread the word as much as I can about how great this site is.  I'm sure there are a few people here who, just like me, abandoned Google-owned YouTube and came here.  To the underground.  Where getting the same amount of attention, if not more attention, than I got on YouTube is easy as hell.

I never knew that a hub for a quick smile could become the most powerful site on the Web.  Why do I call it this? Because of all the things you can submit, and all the motivation to submit media (eBones, eRep, views, being frontpaged as a "current top member"), there is limitless potential for the purest form of cultural growth -- sheer self-expression!
HandHanzo Uploaded 02/23/2012
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