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The Importance of Dreams

       Every creature since the beginning of time has dreamed, and we still aren't sure exactly why. To most people of "developed" nations, dreams are of little importance in every day affairs. Many of us don't even remember what we dream about, despite the fact we dream quite a bit. There are two aspects of this modern day sleep pattern that I find interesting. One is that sleeping in an eight hour chunk at night is unnatural, and a recent development within a few hundred years. And two, the only part of sleep you really need is REM-sleep, where you are dreaming. So, you don't need to sleep to live, you need to dream.
      In Tibetan Buddhism, dreaming is seen as a form of unity with the divine consciousness. Tibetan Buddhists practice a form of meditation called Milam, or "Dream Yoga," where they master the art of dreaming. In the West, this is known as "lucid dreaming," where the dreamer becomes aware of the dream, and can do anything to their minds content as a result.
     You have to wonder how a group of men can live alone in a monastery, isolated from all our material luxuries, and be completely fine with that, huh?
     After all, if you can do anything you want within your mind, why would you want anything else?
     It seems only fitting that the key to existence is, and always has been, in our mind, since that's all reality is. To the outside observer, a man meditating would just be sitting motionless for hours, and we are given an impression that he is there with a completely blank mind. This is only partially true, as one must empty their mind first before they can enter another realm of consciousness.
     To the man meditating, however, he is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Reality has become malleable and only limited by his imagination. He has become the master of his mind, and therefore his dreams, so the material world in which he exists is now of little importance.
     He is not asleep. We are.

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