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The Official Hand Hanzo Blog, SUPER SERIOUS RANT EDITION

Trying to do an edition of my blog that isn't ghey and/or phail.  Kinda hard when that's the state of the world nowadays.  However, I think a good start would be telling you about the interesting videos I've come across on the Internet.  I've terminated my YouTube accounts, but it's nearly impossible to conduct a full-on boycott on YouTube, as much as I'd like to, for a number of reasons.

#1: UnofficialChriddof.  Sometimes I just gotta have trippy.  This channel delivers.  Look up "hankhill.avi" or "Vicar's Daughters" for an example of what I'm talking about.

#2: Sometimes there's that rare user-created track or remix of something or instrumental to something that includes no download but sounds super-fucking fresh so I gotta Zamzar that shit.

#3: Ashens.  Seriously, look up "Pop Station Saga" on YouTube.  When a British accent, Chinese knock-off products and silly humorous moments collide, the result is quite amusing.  I actually asked him if I could mirror the videos here and he refused vehemently.  Bro, if you're reading this, it's only a matter of time before these bureaucratic corporations try to take your videos down like they're doing with everyone else on that site.  Only a matter of time before Apple files a claim because you reviewed that knockoff iPhone from China, or $ony/Micro$oft/Ningaydo comes after you for showing a Popstation that looks like their product.

(Rant about everything that's wrong with YouTube incoming)

They won't care that it's not actually their product.  It looks like it and with all this focus on copyright infringement becoming this enormous and quite unsavory tentacle monster with a single-track mind for the destruction of the common man both on and off the internet, the best thing anyone can do is get off a video site that is openly owned by an evil corporation that's openly spying on people and circumventing privacy settings on browsers, head somewhere else and promote the fuck out of that somewhere else.  It doesn't have to be here, though I believe this site to have the most complete media-uploading system.

(Far worse rant about everything that's wrong with WWE incoming)

The biggest example of Google/YouTube totalitarianism right now is WWE vs. Jeepersmedia.  JeepersMedia, otherwise known as Mike Mozart, made a video years ago reviewing a WWE toy he bought with his own money.  WWE, being the greasy SOPA/ACTA-supporting Lamar Smith-type sadsack motherfuckers they are, filed a malicious DMCA claim against him despite that he used NONE of their content.  No clips of a show, no audio from a show, no entrance theme or anything.  Just some guy making fun of a toy.  Whatever happened to freedom of speech? Whatever happened to the First Amendment? It's heaving its dying breath beneath the crushing foot of the New World Order.  Bureaucratic governments.  Greedy corporations openly buying politicians to give them power, push shit like ACTA and become their personal Gestapo.

FUCK WORLD WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT. You wanna see some wrestling that's actually good then get Dish and watch some fucking Ring of Honor.  Fuck WWE, who used to be WWF but they're such big pussies that they let themselves lose that acronym in a suit to some group of hippies.  Fuck that old sack of shit Vince McMahon.  Fuck Vince Russo, too, for fucking up the competition (killing WCW through incompetent show-running/booking, for example).

Remember, Vince McMahon is the douchebag who killed Owen Hart (through incompetence if not intention), and who still shoots his prized meatbags up with steroids and instructs John Cena to use a maximum of 6 moves in one match.  Ay yo Vince, newsflash: Your shit's lame now and you're fucking it up so hard it seems like you're doing it on purpose.  In 4th grade, I had better wrestling matches with classmates at recess than what's being shown on your crappy federation now.  I've noticed the deterioration of quality in your product over the years which is like the deterioration in quality of the music industry's product, a clear and intentional representation of the death of culture in America.  Television rules the nation, and now it is unfortunately little more than mindless propaganda and very low-quality "entertainment", such drivel that would not have passed as entertainment fifteen years ago.  I could write and book a better show without even trying.

Oh, my advice to Cena: Get out of there. (INSTANT crippling blow to the WWE's economic stature right there) Start showing up at indy feds.  Start making rap albums again.  If they're as good as the first one you made, you'll be a LOT more successful, get a lot more respect and be a lot happier than you are now.  Underground hip-hop is that one force that will never die, and as people begin to stand up in this world, the popularity of independent art is gonna go through the fucking roof. 

Everyone out here, we gotta get a 21st Century Renaissance -- exactly what The Powers That Be are trying to keep us from attaining by campaigning to censor the Internet -- going, so more people can find their creative spark again, and help to form a better world where the Machine does not dictate our entertainment, but we all realize that we are capable of entertaining ourselves and creating sentimental entertainment that comes directly from an active mind.  The media is trying ot lull that active mind into a fucking coma with this braindead reality show bullshit about washed up has-beens and slutty socialite attention whores.  I'm talking about VH1, E! and all the other crap that's being shoved down our goddamn throats.
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