Taking the world by storm

   Isn't it funny how every time you turn on the TV you see a black man. Whether he is on a music video or marrying some famous young beautiful white girl. Times are changing black people pretty much control the music industry these days, no good popular music is coming from white people. Your children are listening to rap and hip hop music, It's the music of this generation get with it or get lost. Nobody listens to rock or oldies or any of that bullshit it's all about rap. Rap music is poetry, not all of it is just some gangbanging shit about money. Rap has soul and a purpose and more meaning to it than any music any white man has ever made. Why is it black people make such good music? because we have the voice of 400 years of oppression inside of us, we know what true pain is, our ancestors were mistreated for hundreds of years and we now have a chance at revenge, so we are taking the world by storm.
Uploaded 03/16/2012
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