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Let's talk about Def Jam. And their fighting game.***

Looking for a new fighting game that's tournament-ready? Then look to the past.

Def Jam Fight For NY is the best fighting game on the face of the planet Earth.  I'd feel bad about encouraging people to buy the game since Def Jam is owned by UMG (which supports internet censorship) and the game is made by EA (which doesn't oppose internet censorship), but get this -- the companies don't get a cut from used game sales. (so you can still buy them, guilt free)  This is a PS2 game, so there are a lot of working used copies out there.

(SERIOUS RANT INCOMING, PLEASE read, especially if you're Def Jam.  However, if you really don't care about my genius idea to fight the industry model and better the world and just want to hear about the game, skip the bold text)

 So, my personal message to Def Jam: If you want real money, power and respect -- you know, the stuff D-Mob was talking about -- leave SOPA-supporting UMG, start signing underground talent with full creative freedom and use your money and influence thus far to battle the industry.  The power of the people is far greater than the power of the current corporate industry model.  Signing a good underground rapper isn't even a risk to the company, since everyone's tired of the current monotony of industry music.  If you take my advice and actually apply it, the company will be even hotter than it was when FFNY was made.  With corporate monopolism of the radio and television, the quality of each company's product is decreasing quite steadily.  Def Jam, if they followed this advice, would be the PERFECT competition against the industry! I would call this rebellion "Operation D-Mob".  It represents everything D-Mob stands for -- money, power and respect -- and everything I stand for -- passion, culture and freedom.  I know if I were the president of the company I would do EXACTLY what I'm talking about here and be regarded as the greatest leader of anything in a damn good while.

Now, if Def Jam followed this advice, people would have a louder voice to tell the industry this: y'all can't get Big Brother to limit our freedoms without us rising up and protesting VEHEMENTLY against it.  I've said it before and I'll say it again: if you want us to actually go and buy your shit, then stop siccing the govt. on us to fuck our freedoms and actually make shit that's WORTH BUYING.  My sole purpose on this Earth is to create culture and give the common artist the chance to shine without selling his/her soul.

THE PATH TO GREAT SUCCESS IS NOT THE CURRENT ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY BUSINESS MODEL THAT AIMS TO MONOPOLIZE AND PREFABRICATE EVERYTHING WHILE ATTACKING THEIR FANS.  IT IS TO REBEL, REBEL, REBEL AGAINST THAT EXACT MODEL AND EVERYTHING IT STANDS FOR.  THE PATH TO GREAT SUCCESS IS THROUGH CREATIVE FREEDOM, IN A NETWORK THAT ISN'T FOCUSED ON THE GLAMOUR ILLUSION OF "CELEBRITIES" BUT INSTEAD JOINS THE COMMON MAN TOGETHER TO BRING THEIR IDEAS TO LIFE.  I'm not even a good artist per se, I'm much better at writing rants like this and making solid stances for what I believe in, and I believe in creation.  There is a lot of destruction going on in this world and there's absolutely no balance.  It is nearly effortless to destroy, but those who make livings on destroying and killing for power accomplish nothing and worse, keep others from accomplishing.  This world does not have to be destroyed when it can be bettered.  Those who create, with a passion, and inspire the imagination of others, they are the heroes.  Creation, even if it's of just entertainment, is a VERY big thing.  It is the polar opposite of destruction.  CREATION.  PASSION.  IMAGINATION.  THESE THINGS ARE ABSOLUTELY FUCKING IMPORTANT.  WITHOUT THEM, WE END UP LIKE AYN RAND'S ANTHEM.  IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THAT, OPEN ANOTHER TAB AND FIND A .PDF OF IT, READ THAT FROM START TO FINISH AND COME BACK TO READING THIS.

(done with serious rant)

Regardless of these companies' behavior now, back when they made this game they were cranking the awesomesauce to eleven.  Def Jam Fight For NY is the most complete and balanced fighting game on the planet, using a unique system of fighting, converting AKI's wrestling game engine (as seen in Def Jam Vendetta, another great game) into a full-blown fighting game engine.  Each character is unique and there is a lot to be discovered in this game.  A lot of work went into it and it reflects true effort and what a good video game should be.

The game is incredibly balanced, basically all the default/unlockable characters stand a chance against each other (custom characters would not be used in tournaments), and there is support for up to four players, not to mention this was released on ALL THREE consoles of its generation: XBOX, PS2 AND GameCube.  Even Vendetta (a good game in its own right) was on both GC and PS2.  This game had literally dozens of talented and well-liked real-life personalities, mainly talented rappers, as playable characters.  Everyone already loves this game and there's a shitload of people still playing it.  Turning this into a full-blown scene wouldn't exactly be hard.  Get a shitload of people playing an old game, and tell game companies and shit that if they wanna compete, STEP UP AND MAKE ANOTHER GAME THAT'S AS GOOD.

I mean, this game had over 70 unique characters, both real people and original fictional fighters, great music, a good created-character story mode thing, the best gameplay engine I have ever fucking seen and the chance to do all sorts of cool shit.  I guarantee if enough people are gathered in some kind of public arena to play Def Jam Fight For NY, each person will likely use a different character.  One might be perfectly attuned to the style of Bonecrusher, while another player may have gotten really good with Joe Budden, another might like Freeway, or Bless, or Memphis Bleek, I mean the possibilities are endless!  Even if there are fighters with similar styles to each other, their stats are different and that makes a significant difference in playing that character.  I will have to do an in-depth analysis of each character and make a full tier list for the game based on my observations, and maybe people will see how deep this game really is.  This game excels in every category.  Excellent graphics, sound and overall presentation.  Excellent gameplay.  Excellent replay value.  Many new ideas were brought into this game, like the five-style system, and executed flawlessly.

Wanna take some frustration out on a public personality in this game you don't like? Game lets you do that.  Wanna do team battles, free for all four-player chaos battles, ring out battles, etc? Game lets you do that.  Equip your dude with that super where he spanks the opponent's ass? Beat Baxter and get 750 dev points and the game will let you do that.  This game lets you throw people into an oncoming subway train, out of a window or into a blazing inferno if you want, provided you have those arenas.  Don't wanna Story Mode? You can go into the free-battle mode and get points to unlock fighters and arenas that way! (Doing Story Mode is a lot faster though)  There is a vast amount of things to unlock, and then once you have all the characters, now try learning them all.  Bring your friends over.  Use different modes to keep things fresh.

Aspiring game designers should look up to games like this, and when there are no more games that are good like this, they should keep this one in mind and make one.  There are certainly enough tools out there, just lookup downloads for Fighter Maker 2002, or RPG Maker 2003/XP/whatever.  Contact independent game makers and ask them how they make games and how you can too.  I have independent game makers who follow me on Twitter (the greatest social networking joint ever) who like what I'm talkin', hopefully they'll read this and peep these cool ideas that come out this mind of mine.
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