Fuckin Sad Blog Section

When the last popular blog was written 4 weeks ago, that makes me ashamed of ever visiting this site. Not that it was a paradise in any respect, but I used to blog here a long time ago with a great group of guys and gals. Hell, I wasn't even good at it, but I seem to be one of the only ones who remembers.


Of course, it has started to dawn on me that a few of the good bloggers (tomlet and ug) here seem to be more readers than writiers; and thats okay. At least they are here, waiting for God knows what, but they are here. I remember when Ellimem and CreepingJenny duked it out in every semi-decent post. When Kaustic and KittyHasClaws dispensed advice and offered up points of interest or discussion. Bohankeeton, that dumb troll BluntBlaza, Adraline, my bud Gnome, jenferocious77, JohnnyBax, savcam, reyo, Danzig, Bluenote (now more of a Red apparently), vetisthewicked. Damn, so many people, so many I've missed. We were harrassed by maskedkillerguy, and ten of his clones. We made a new website, ebaum made a new website; didn't stop it from crashing apart I guess.


I'm not sad, don't mistake my tone. But things can be better here. A place of discussion, hilarity, debate, and even a lil trollin. Now I don't know who reads these blogs anymore, and maybe this one will die on the trash heap that has become the blog section here at eBaum's World. That'd be the ironic answer.


But if you are reading this, and find yourself too grossly misusing your time on this site, help make it worthwhile. Help spur the change that you probably seek. Just fucking respond; DO SOMETHING, anything really. Write about what interests you. And to help provide some unity, add *** after it. So we know what to read, and what to ignore. Be sure that we will see.


The blog section grew into something great before. It'd be a shame if it didn't stimulate the same level of activity a few years later. If you know someone on this list, or someone who isn't and would like to contribute, call to them. See if they come.

Uploaded 03/18/2012
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