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I'm Leaving

The aliens are coming to save a few thousand people from doom in some mountain in France. Its called upside down rock or something but anyway a bunch of people are going and we are gonna split before the world ends. The funny thing is the world probably wont end so I get a free ride in a spaceship. 
I am not packing because I bet they have some type of save you can rub on your forehead for nutrients and oxygen  and everybody on the spaceship will be naked. We will have a re-population party fucking like crazy and making baby's and stuff for this planet they want to put us on. We wont get to see it because several million  generations of people will live on the ship before we reach the destination planet they want us to populate and make plastic on. 
My biggest concern is entertainment. I only perceive in three dimensions so they need to have an adapter or converter so I can watch space movies in space. The last alien I talked to said something about an eruption. We kind of lost telepathic communication though because we couldn't get the song eruption out of our heads long enough to elaborate. Aliens love that solo. 
But yea, I am leaving so whoever wants my collection of Bob Segar cassettes and leather jacket can have it. I
Hoblem Uploaded 03/28/2012
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