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BeEn locked upp 4 to lonng mayne

Pshh, ya gurl shemiqua hurr. I was fukin locked up after my last blog on the bitch back in 2008. Government spewin all this nonsensical bullshit. god damn mothafuka. I dun try and brteak out that fukiun prison but they got that hsit on lockdown 4real. whateva tho. yall may have seent my ass up on da lock up raw maybe ya didnt i don fukin curr. but 4real it wuzz about prizon and da aids epidemic or sum shit. idun evn kno whut the fucvk aidz is but dont like it be like band aidz or sumthin. fuk i don evn kno. 4rl do i fukin tired as shit imma go meet wit my boi triceratops for sum bootcawl so yall hit muh myspace or whateva and i'll hit yall up sum otta time. luvvv u awl <333333333333
torshamos Uploaded 03/28/2012
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