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At one point every guy has fantasized about bending over their hot young teacher thats fresh out of university. Most guys when dreaming of doing a teacher dont see that if it did happen, it would be classed as molestation, with this in mind we now have to admit that most of us guys have dreamed of and wanted to be molested. HOW FUCKING SICK OF A GENDER ARE WE, EVERY MAN AND BOY OUT THERE IS SERIOUSLY FUCKED IN THE HEAD! I like it when you hear it on the news and they say that the 15 year old boy is scarred for life and in counseling, we all know thats bullshit because heres what basically happens; the news breaks and everyone finds out and the teacher gets fired and put into jail for harming and inflicting life lasting emotional scars. WE ALL KNOW THATS FUCKING BULLSHIT, THE GUY WOULD WALK AROUND SCHOOL WITH HIS HEAD HELD HIGH, BEOMES A HERO TO ALL HIS MATES AND WALK AROUND WITH THE ATTITUDE YOU KNOW WHO I AM MOTHER FUCKER, SMELL MY FINGER.

BFREE91 Uploaded 03/30/2012
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