Tips on How To Not Get Caught Watching Porn

Almost everybody has come close to or got caught watching porn. Here are a few helpfull tips for you Noob porn watchers;Don't look back if someone is passing by, because they will become suspicious. You are less likely to get caught if you don't look back.Have two Internet browsers open, one with the porn, one with the "Clear private data" screen up, so if someone comes you can simply press X and then "Clear private Data"Try to look like you are doing an assignment or research for class. Open up Notepad and pretend you are taking notes for an report, etc.Visit porn sites by selecting them from a search engine. This will prevent their addresses from showing up in the search history. (The search will still be indexed in the history entry for search engines like Google).Keep your legs crossed.Save good porn to a portable thumb drive to have when you are extremely horny and in a better position to enjoy it.To avoid malicious software installing itself onto your computer, only visit reputable pornsites. Typing in www.[random naughty word].com is generally a bad idea. A 'reputable' website is one you hear recommended by a fellow internet user [youpornmobile].Keep the window closed to cut off room ventilation; when confronted as to why you may look flushed and sweaty, you can shift the blame to the room's heat. Open the window to confirm this.Clear your cache often, so nobody will see the sites you've been on.If you know someone is going to look at your computer, make sure you delete the history, cookies, cache and everything else off your computer. It will make it look like you have not been looking at porn at all. Even though you did. Also remember to clear c:/windows/temp on Windows 9x.Wear a sweater or some loose pants in case someone asks you to do something that requires standing up.Instead of adding sites to your favorites list, create a free website or blog and list the urls of the porn sites on there. If you decide to go with a favorites list (for convenience), then rename them with innocent-looking names.If you use Linux (with GNOME, KDE or similar desktop environments), you can open a porn web-site on a workspace and something else on another workspace. You can easily switch between workspaces by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Left/Right arrow or by using a visual tool like Workspace Switcher for GNOME.The best browser to do this in is Mozilla Firefox. You can change the settings so it does not save any history except for the last seven or so places you've been. There is also an easy macro that can delete that history (crl+shift+delete). Change the settings before you try to use this though. There are many extensions that'll help to such as the ghostfox extension.Try looking at porn into a video sharing site like metacafe or Google video.On Windows OS, right click the taskbar and the bottom and click Properties. Then click "Auto Hide Taskbar". This will hide the task bar so no one can view the buttons showing what is open.If you have to leave your computer for a short while, lock it, using "Windows Key + L" that way no one can access your computer without the password, and they will be unable to snoop in your history.Headphones can be helpful in making sure that others don't hear sound from videos, but be sure to keep at least one ear clear to so that you can hear someone approaching.If your computer goes through a router (instead of being directly wired to the modem), the URLs of the websites you access will show up in the logs. This cannot be cleared without the admin password, nor can it be circumvented by simply using a search engine (since your browser still must connect to the server to download the images). Use an anonymous proxy (Google it) to bypass this.And you know many porn sites have Ads and open windows.The best way is to use "FireFox" Once you've installed it,Install a "Pop-up" Blocker and then while watching porn At the left side there's a option called"Remove all the Ads"Click on that the Ads will not openAlways watch porn when no one's around.
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