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British Economy Crisis...[Alleged]

It's time all the sheep in this country... realized that there is no shortage of fuel. Only a shortage of revenue that this once great Country owes to 3rd parties. There was no [leak] that sparked the pump crisis at your local supermarkets... Only a calculated game plan that made the population of sheep go buy their fuel and store it. How silly I wonder do all these little Baa Lambs feel now... Tomorrow I will go fill up and contemplate how this wonderful Government of our Beautiful Country, are now charging nearly 50% more on revenue than they were 4 years ago, yet still need to cause panic buying to pay their bills... For those who disbelieve... Fuel sales peaked yesterday at 80%...above the average daily expectancy... Our debt to 3rd world countries was exonerated...and we can still get fuel on tick for a while... So until the next time the coffers are running a little low... I wont have a moan... Gld...2012...
godlovesdemeter Uploaded 03/30/2012
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