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The best game ever made in MUGEN. (with download!)

Lemme get the link out of the way first.  Y'all gotta have this.  DOWNLOAD THIS AWESOME SWAG HERE:

Now, before I tell you about THE KING OF FIGHTERS EX UNLIMITED MATCH, lemme give you a lil' backstory.

Once upon a time, I had two active YouTube channels and ranted on a laptop webcam like it was cool.  About a handful of people saw me rant about a game made in the infamous fighting game compiling engine called MUGEN.  This particular game was King of Fighters Anthology.  This wasn't like most MUGEN games people offer for download which simply compile a mishmash of characters from a whole bunch of different games.  This compiled only characters in the King of Fighters style.  It had 176 playable characters (including hidden bosses) and 166 stages.  It was a lot of fun, but it had a number of issues.

The command for Kensou's super was fucked up.  The He-Man and Skeletor characters were lame.  Yamazaki's CD was incomplete (he morphs into Benimaru for a second).  The stages had no music (and supplying your own music to 166 stages, variants of each other or not, is tedious as fuck)...and the biggest problem of the fucking regular character named Gustab, likely to pop up at any time in your arcade battle plan to fuck your shit up.  This dude is more broken than all the hidden bosses one could ever hope to combine.  I put that bitch up against Neo Reaper Isabeau SSJ9 (a.k.a. THE single most broken MUGEN character ever made, and for an engine with people constantly in a contest with each other to make the most broken character ever this is definitely saying something) repeatedly.  Gustab actually won about 1/3 of the time.  There is no legit way to beat him, it is, in all aspects, literally technically impossible without Neo Reaper Isabeau SSJ9, who is only slightly more broken than him.

Now, I want you to go ahead and if you actually took my advice and got Anthology, delete that shit, because we're about to replace it with a far superior game called King Of Fighters EX Unlimited Match.  Including bosses and hidden characters, this game boasts literally more than 200 characters.  Take away the boss row and there's still over 180.  The stages have music in them.  The characters are not fucked up in any way.  I came in this game looking for problems, looking for Kensou's super to be qcf,qcf+K, looking for Yamazaki's CD to be Benimaru.  Nope.  Chuck Testa.  I checked out their version of Raiden, expecting him to be a six-button character like Fei-Long was in KOF Anthology, and probably have the Capcom vs. SNK 2 "Choose-a-Groove" thing.  I checked out their Fei-Long to see if it was Anthology's Fei-Long.  Nope.  Chuck Testa.  I expected Gustab, stages without music, six-button Capcom-style characters, or any kind of severe imbalance within the game.  Victoriously I exclaim this now: Nope.  Chuck motherfucking Testa.

I've noticed very few mistakes, changed supers, etc.  The only command I've seen changed for a super was Krauser's Kaiser Wave (it is now qcf,qcf+P and can be charged up).  My only actual complaint is that the difficulty could be higher, but chances are if you're downloading this game, you're not gonna care about how hard the AI is, you're probably going to test out different characters all day.  Remember the literally over 200 characters I told you about? Well guess what.  There are 2-in-1 characters.  Holding the game's Start button while picking Yashiro, Shermie or Chris will give you the Orochi version of that character.  Holding Start while selecting Robert Garcia (who by default is the '98 version) will give you a new version reminiscent of console-unlockable Robert in KOFXI.  And I JIZZED...IN MY PANTS.  This game is nearly perfect in every way, and without a question the best game EVER compiled in MUGEN.

I'm up later than I ever am, playing the hell out of this.  Now, I am not able to play Street Fighter 4, UMVC3, any KOF upward of XI, or whatever the hell else these kids are playing nowadays.  I don't have a current-gen console or a fast enough computer to play the PC versions of some of those.  However, this actually has a few of the stages from KOFXII/XIII in it and a whole lot of characters that aren't in those games.  This game combines the best of past and present, standardizes them into the four-button KOF system, and generally has what it takes to keep people entertained for days.  Sadly there's no way to play this online, but if you have some friends and USB joypads, you can hook some local versus up.  If nothing else at least make a combo video out of this thing.  I think it deserves one.

If you've ever downloaded a KOF MUGEN before, and it isn't this one, then get rid of that old crusty shit and get this one.
HandHanzo Uploaded 04/02/2012
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