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KOF EX Unlimited Match - Kim Jae Hoon


LP - Light punch
LK - Light kick
HP - Heavy punch
HK - Heavy kick
BL - Blowback attack
qcf - quarter circle forward (d,df,f)
qcb - quarter circle back (d,db,b)
hcf - half circle forward (b,db,d,df,f)
hcb - half circle back (f,df,d,db,b)

Height/Weight: 5'10"/159lbs.
Birthplace: South Korea
Fighting Style: Taekwondo
Special Abilities: Fire Manipulation

Command Normals
f+LK or df+LK---------------------Forward Lift Kick

Special Moves
qcf+P--------------------------------Triple Kick Combo
The HP version goes further than the LP version and can follow a Forward Lift Kick.
qcb+K-------------------------------Flame Crescent Kick
The HK version goes further than the LK version and does slightly more damage.
f,d,df+P-----------------------------Ascending Kick Combo
The HP version adds more hits, so there's really no use for the LP version which is otherwise the same.
qcf+K--------------------------------Sweep/Flying Axe Kick Combo
HK version is the same as LK version but does slightly more damage, it seems.  Use it.
The HK version goes higher, does more damage and an extra hit, with nearly the same speed as the LK version.  In this move, Jae does a backflip kick into the air.

Burst Moves
qcf,qcf+P----------------------------Hou'ou Tenshou Kyaku
Jae does a flip-forward roundhouse kick, and then a backflip kick into the air.
qcf,qcf+K----------------------------Hou'ou Kyaku Basic
Jae runs at the opponent, and upon connecting does a swift combination of attacks ending with a backflip kick.

Super Burst Moves
qcf,qcf+LP+HP---------------------Level 2 Hou'ou Tenshou Kyaku
Pretty much the same as the level 1, but with more damage and an extra backflip.
qcf,qcf+LK+HK---------------------Hou'ou Kyaku 1999
Jae does a much longer combo of attacks, finishing with a rising kick combo and then an axekick in mid-air.

H.S.D.M. (Level 3 Super)
qcf,qcf+BL---------------------------Phoenix Pillar
Jae blasts out a pillar of flame from his foot.

EASY 50% Damage combo: f+LK -> qcf+HP xx qcf,qcf+LK+HK second time it hits
EASY 45% Damage combo: close s.HP ->qcf+HP xx qcf,qcf+LP+HP third time it hits
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